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  What is the best thing you have ever heard a teacher say?


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  “Go home and take the time you need to relax. Is there anything I could have done differently?”


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  Ladies and gentlemen, please find your seats and listen up. As soon as you leave here today I want you to apply for as many credit cards as you can get approved for, borrow money from your family, work extra jobs, sell drugs… kidding…, but take all that money, buy a plane ticket, and go to Europe immediately.You know why? Because when you finish college, have a career, start a family, and have a mortgage - you’ll be too busy. You’ll wish you would have done it sooner, and you’ll never have the time. You’ll wish that you did it right now.


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  Hi, my name is Dan Rusiecki, I’ll be your literature teacher, and please be warned that failing my class is very very difficult.


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  Just because you are given a pass for something, doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse it.



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