Ring around 打一圈电话

2016-01-05 14:49 BBC

短语 to ring around 指给很多人打电话。
Last Valentine's Day, I spent the whole day ringing round all the florists in West London. They had all sold out of red roses!
Let's organise a surprise party for Lisa! You ring round her friends and I'll send an email to her family.
另外有一个很相似的短语 run rings around,但意思完全不一样,指很容易击败某人。
United are going to thrash Arsenal at the weekend. You wait and see... they'll run rings round them.
When it comes to customer satisfaction, we've run rings around our competitors for years.

Scottish-born American inventor Alexander Graham Bell was credited with inventing the telephone in 1876. The telephone has literally changed our lives and how we communicate around the world.


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